THE LAST WHITE LINE by Robert Sidney Bowen


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A long list of football, baseball and ranch stories has developed a terse and well-pitched quality for Mr. Bowen in this his latest in the pigskin score. There's a new slant here, for a professional ball team yarn, in the central character, Jerry Carney, who had had some of his experience on a prison team. The story swings back to his high school days- his innocent involvement in the machinations of a crooked older brother-being railroaded to prison -- and his chance tackle of a runaway thief which brought him the opportunity to play on a pro team. Luck in the owner of the team and his faith in Jerry saves the day when Jerry's brother and a crooked sports writer turn the heat on Jerry. Fast paced yarn that just verges on the sensational; good football.

Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard