WIPEOUT by Robert Sidney Bowen


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No surfing until..."" is Mr. West's ultimatum after Jimmy, whose French has been suffering, misses his exam study time because of some super surfers and a longer-than-expected movie. Dad has warned before and intends this ""exception"" to be the last. Friend Danny Kamoku, a native Hawaiian, is at the other extreme: why prep for college when an uncle has an easygoing fishing business to join? But it is Jimmy who must make the decisions: without hesitation he shreds the test copy Danny steals but has to disobey his father's orders to attend preliminary trials for the coming surfing meet. He does try to contact his parents but both are out; then he develops deadweight guilt feelings after his enraged father crashes on route to the beach. With Dad's possible blindness and a test determining college eligibility hanging over his head, he determines to give up the sport altogether but everything comes out splendidly in a wave of successes: he keeps his head above water at school and at the meet. Mr. West regains his sight, even says he'd like to try surfing some time. Reasonable problem extended into a sensationalized splash.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1968
Publisher: Criterion