SUNDANCE: And Other Science Fiction Stories by Robert. Silverberg

SUNDANCE: And Other Science Fiction Stories

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A compulsory draft of organ transplant donors, a society that announces nonexistent wars to encourage more consumption of goods and a producer who callously records the actual pain sensations of sufferers so that they can be enjoyed vicariously by thrill-seeking audiences are among the depressingly plausible futures hypothesized here. Too often Silverberg's stories are mere dramatizations of ideas with no dramatic punch, and when he does try more sophisticated correlations -- such as a native American's response to the (apparent) extermination of an extra-planetary race in ""Sundance"" -- the point becomes vague and reality is more exploited than illuminated. Nevertheless, there are some imaginative successes here, particularly the gentle telepath of ""Something Wild Is Loose"" which appeared first in Bova's Many Worlds of Science Fiction (KR, 1971), and as always Silverberg provokes humanistic if not overly profound speculation.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1974
Publisher: Nelson