THE MASK OF AKHNATEN by Robert Silverberg


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One of this author's favorite subjects has been the archaeological excavations made in Egypt, and earlier this year he wrote an adult book about Akhnaten (Akhnaten: The Rebel Pharach). This ancient leader, who abandoned polytheism for the worship of Aten, is really the hero of this story about Tom Lloyd, who had been invited by his journalist uncle on an expedition to Nubia. The two joined up with a group of archaeologists just in time to participate in the resurrection of Akhnaten's tomb -- quite a find, since it has always been thought to have been destroyed by the Pharaoh's numerous enemies. The subsequent incidents involve the theft of Akhnaten's golden mask, and its recovery by Lloyd and his young Arabic friend following a chase in a subterranean maze. It's a weak adventure story, shored up with details about Egyptology which are solid and plentiful.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1965
Publisher: Macmillan