LETTERS FROM ATLANTIS by Robert Silverberg


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The real story of Atlantis: In the 21 st century, scientists can send thought patterns of researchers back in time. Thus, Roy is cast back 180 centuries--into the mind of Ramifon Sigiliterimor Septagimot Stolifax Blayl (Ram), heir to the throne of Atlantis. There he finds a race of advanced architects and craftsmen who use electricity and call other humans "dirt people." Roy causes Prince Ram to write letters relating this fantastic information to his fellow researcher and lover Lora, half a continent away, who has been sent back to the same era. When the Prince discovers that he has an uninvited tenant, Roy is forced to break the first law of time travel by revealing himself to his host; he then finds that Ram is not strictly human but rather one of the survivors of a galactic catastrophe. Moreover, Ram can read the future and knows that Atlantis will be destroyed--but will take no action: it is the will of the gods. In this first in the new "Dragonflight" series, Silverberg is as smooth and provocative as ever. Although neither the Atlantis theory nor the invented technology is original and the letter-writing ploy is a little far-fetched, the net effect is entertaining and affecting. Superior sf/fantasy.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1990
ISBN: 689-31570-8
Page count: 136pp
Publisher: Atheneum
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