HOTEL ON THE LAKE by Robert Smith


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A Maine summer resort hotel, in the days of Hoover, the setting for the story of Jerry, a combination bellhop and utility man, who sticks with his backstairs gang until situations arising during the summer cause him to renounce his friends for the world of the hotel's guests. Lynch, perennial prize visitor, offers Jerry a job with him in New York completely turning Jerry's head. But from Lynch's arbitrary demands and peremptory orders Jerry learns the price he will have to pay, with his honor and integrity, for a New York career and is eventually driven to freeing himself of his would-be patron. A story of the lives of those who serve paralleling the lives of those whom they serve, concentrated into one summer. Realism rampant and not for delicate palates, and a certain power of microcosmic interpretation.

Pub Date: Nov. 29th, 1943
Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart