THE GREATEST REBEL by Robert Spector


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The title refers to Nathaniel Bacon, Virginia colonist, but the story belongs to Brian Connor who works his way up from London beggar to Bacon's assistant during the crucial rebellion period. Organized to push back the Indians, Bacon and his neighbors eventually have to fight the Governor because they have defied his orders. Hiding out in Southern swamps, they are successful at first and Brian acts as an important messenger; although morale deteriorates with his master's health, the boy is energetic and the action goes on. The situation is familiar--Brian distinctive because he can read--but it is also credible if relatively bland, and girls are more likely to respond to the personal elements, such as his growing affection for the sympathetic Cathy. Discreet background details, but not prime.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1969
Publisher: Walck