THE GULF OF TIME by Robert Standish


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New territory again for the author of Three Bamboos -here New Guinea and the physical and spiritual adventures of Jim Rankin, who found gold in a primitive community. News of his discovery brings hangers on- forces him to try to stem the evil effects of civilization on the savages whom he considers his charges- brings him also a chance at romance. When a vengeful kanaka tries to pay back Rankin by selling his small knowledge of the whereabouts of the gold, he unlooses more than one attempt to cash in on Rankin's find, is the means of 20th century impact on the natives that Rankin has tried, unsuccessfully, to guide into the modern world. Sick, and ill equipped, Rankin is attacked, finally rescued by a missionary ship as well as by the government, and for all his wealth and the girl he wants, sees his savages surrounded by a world they cannot understand. Too soul searching for straight adventure, but story enough to carry the problems involved.

Pub Date: May 25th, 1948
Publisher: Macmillan