GEOPOLITICS by Robert Strausz-Hupe


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Geopolitics"" merely means the relationship between space and state. This book, in spite of the forbidding aspect of its title, is challenging and interesting reading, and a valuable study of the step by step process by which Nazi Germany built its basic philosophy of expansion. He shows, chronologically, how the philosophy developed; he analyzes the extraordinarily complete library on the subject written, studied and applied by the Nazi leaders (and tragically ignored by the diplomats of the democracies). He proves that always the Nazi philosophy dealt with world domination, not world cooperation. The books of Haushofer, founder of the School of Geopolitik, are German best sellers and form their blueprint of world conquest. He develops the application of geopolitics -- and points out the future dangers.

Pub Date: June 19th, 1942
Publisher: Putnam