SINNER'S PARISH by Robert Temple


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A potpourri of permissive Protestants is ministered to by the Rev. Mark Stafford; and Rev. Mark Stafford has his share of resultant problems. Slum landlord P.T. Noble, the last of the red hot rugged individualists, is piling up power and land holdings. Ecclesiastical promoter, Pastor , is turning religion into a gold mine by talking the language of the people and the people, obviously interested in ""How Christ Can Help Them Make the Down Payment on a Oldsmobile"" - listen. Little Frankie has died of leukemia and Frankie Senior goes off on a bingo and gets beaten up. The Church organist and a choir member are making it on the rectory couch. Stafford's own kids are joining the sidewalk gangs, Stafford's wife Pam, very pushy, is trying to make her husband vie for bigger and better pulpits; and Stafford, himself, finally succumbs to his secretary's not-entirely-religious yearnings. To top it all off, Negroes are moving into the neighborhood. A Deux ex Machine comes to the rescue of both Dr. Stafford and the reader.

Pub Date: Sept. 14th, 1962
Publisher: Doubleday