BEST POEMS OF 1956 by Robert Thomas- Ed. Moore


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1956 seems to have been a year of high poetic level, judging by this discriminating anthology edited by Mr. Moore. If there is no poem that is absolutely inspiring, there is none that is listless, incompetent or silly- and that is saying a good deal. The poets represented are both American and British. Along with some familiar names like Auden, MacNeice and Dylan Thomas there are many less well known and very adequate poets. The trouble with this sort of an omnium gatherum even if limited to one year is that the total effect is confusing, like one of the big ""modern painting"" shows staged by our museums. ""One man shows"" of poetry as well as pictures are needed for an intelligent judgment of a poet's work. But for those interested in being superficially familiar with the arts, this anthology is above average.

Publisher: Stanford Univ. Press