THE MONTENEGRAN PLOT by Robert Trevelyan


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One of a series featuring the adventures of Capt. John Hawkdale Pendragon, his faithful gentleman's gentleman Sgt. Cox, and other young heroes employed by H. M. Intelligence. This time they are after dastardly Janez Krakar, who is out to assassinate his half-brother, the Montenegran Prince Matej. The Queen (Victoria) wants Pendragon to protect the foreign Prince--no easy task, since Krakar has managed to substitute over 100 assassins for an entire company of the Royal Lancers, who are detailed to guard not only Prince Matej but also the Royal Mint! Krakar, a combination of Moriarty and Fu Manchu, plans greater things to come: ""This is the people's revolution, It recognizes no boundaries, no seas or oceans. First Montenegro, then Bosnia, Albania, Serbia, Wallachia. . . . Your kind will not survive, Captain, before this flood of embittered humanity whom I will release on the world."" The struggle to save the world from this menace carries Pendragon all the way to Bermondsey (whence he is guided by a blind child prostitute), and features a full-fledged battle in St. James Park between the false Lancers and the true. Comic-book period escapism.

Pub Date: Oct. 12th, 1978
Publisher: St. Martin's