THE HUMAN CAREER by Robert Ulich


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The James Bryant Conant Professor of Education at Harvard University presents A Philosophy of Self-Transcendence as interpretation of and aspiration in ""the human career"". He considers the site of modern civilization, the environment of man; he describes man as the self-transcending being in terms of ""philosophical anthropology"". He discusses thinking as theoretical, metaphysics as speculative, ethics as practical, religion as devotional, art as imaginary, education as cultural self-transcendence. The nature and future of the individual and the dilemma of human organization also come under his scrutiny. His is a cultivated and inclusive consideration of man- his value of self-transcendence, the ever-outward opening of man in terms of loyalties and identifications, along with his cherishing of reason, enable him to incorporate the metaphysical, ethical and material in his world view. While there is an absence of technical philosophic terms, considered unsuitable today, there is an easy reference to philosophical and religious writings and a reasoning that requires a good deal of the reader. Specialized scholarly market.

Publisher: Harper