MARJORY FLEMING: The Youngest Genius by Robert Van Gelder
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MARJORY FLEMING: The Youngest Genius

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This may create some confusion in readers' minds, unless they are familiar with Marjory Fleming's original Journals. Those Journals are much better known through praise of them sung by Sir Walter Scott, by Stevenson, and Swinburne and Dr. John Brown and Mark Twain than by actual familiarity with the substance of the Journals themselves. Robert Van Gelder has taken Marjory out of her own setting, seen her as a fascinating, stormy, vivid personality and made her the heroine of a story of his own, which might have taken place, since such things happened in those days of the early 19th century, when England and Scotland and France were still at daggers drawn. Much of the material from the diary is brought, quite naturally, into his story. It should create interest in the source from which he has taken his child heroine.

Pub Date: March 7th, 1940
Publisher: Dodd, Mead