THE STORY OF TAOU by Robert Vavra


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Faced with lifelike full-color photos, seeing is believing--which makes this crypto-fable of a peacock's ascendancy over the quarreling birds on a ""lost island"" a peculiar anomaly. Never mind that the peacock's egg is washed ashore and hatches on the sand, that the species pictured (and identified) don't coexist in nature; never mind even that the birds have outrageous lines (""They all fight so much that they don't have time to. . . teach their children to fly""), that the pictures are so obviously posed--they have to be. And that's the real rub, the distortion of natural grandeur for the purposes of a story, here a puerile version of a legend that has its own distinction. The more magnificent the photos, the more it seems a travesty.

Pub Date: May 25th, 1969
Publisher: Dial