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THE RED WOLF CONSPIRACY by Robert V.S. Redick Kirkus Star


by Robert V.S. Redick

Pub Date: May 1st, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-345-50883-6
Publisher: Del Rey/Ballantine

An engaging maritime fantasy adventure, set in a fully realized world.

Redick’s debut, the first of a trilogy, is an epic involving the I.M.S. Chathrand, a massive merchant sailing ship, which is transporting an ambassador’s daughter to be married off in order to forge a peace between two enemy empires. Along the way, the independent bride-to-be and a deckhand with a magical talent uncover a monstrous conspiracy—involving a legendary and mysterious artifact called the Red Wolf—that threatens to plunge the world into chaos. The multilayered plot gets very complex, very quickly. The story is populated by witches, mermaids, talking animals, tiny foot-high warriors and more. It will keep readers avidly turning pages—and looking forward to the next installment.

A quality debut.