IN BUT NOT OF THE WORLD by Robert W. Spike
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The author, Dr. Robert Spike, sub-titles his book A Notebook of Theology and Practice in the Local Church. He is concerned by the great gulf too often to be found between what the church stands for in terms of its New Testament charter, and what it does when it conforms to the pressures applied by the culture in which it exists. His method is to cite a familiar situation which can be taken from ""real"" life in any Protestant Church in the country, describe the Christian doctrine the incident is meant to illustrate, examine the cultural pressures at work which have caused the discrepancy, and then suggest the practice by which the local church may correct itself and begin again to live from its vital center where the Christian family, called out of the world of God, is eager to render to for the things that are God's. Thus he discusses Church Fellowship, The Body of Christ, Church Program Evangelism and the Kingdom of God. This is direct and challenging thinking, and any Protestant Christian parish would profit greatly if exposed to the ideas in this book. But first it would be very uncomfortable. Highly recommended for clergy and key laymen. Dr. Spike is Director of the Department of Evangelism of the Congregational Christian Churches.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1957
ISBN: 1163810088
Publisher: Association Press