TO HE A MAN by Robert W. Spike


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What is the style of the Christian life in the mid-twentieth century?"" To answer this question, Dr. Robert W. Spike, executive of the Congregational Church, draws a profile of the kind of man who could bear effective Christian witness in the world of today. His trenchant and direct style enables him not only to describe what the real Christian at work, at leisure, in love and at worship would be, but to make this ""style"" of living both challenging and attractive,-- though not in the sense of promising a way of life that is comfortable and ""successful"". For he says ""The style of a Christian has to be a daily wrestling with the contradiction of being a sinful child of God while determining and pursuing the use to which a life that will end in death can be put, so that both life and death have meaning. . . . To be human is not to be natural. To be a man in the fullest sense is to be disturbed and intrigued by what we see in Christ."" Though aimed primarily at the young reader, their elders will be glad to know of a book on this subject that they can understand and appreciate.

Publisher: Association Press