DEFENDING THE AMERICA'S CUP by Robert W. & Stanley Z. Rosenfeld--Eds. Carrick


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The editors interviewed fifteen men involved in the 1967 triumph of the yacht Intrepid in the America's Cup race, joggled, spliced and edited the tape and came up with a very personal view of how it was done and what it meant to each. Syndicate members, the designer, the skipper, and crew members reminisce, set records straight, tack to the action. Although the details may be heady to the initiate, some of the recitals have that ""remarks-we-doubt-ever-got-made"" flavor as in Toby Tobin's recalling of the victory: ""The final gun produced mixed emotions: elation at victory, disappointment that the challenge had not been more challenging, bitter-sweet sentiment that a long summer of dedication had reached its end."" In fact many of the pronouncements smack more of sports page grog than log.

Pub Date: Oct. 31st, 1969
Publisher: Knopf