WILDERNESS by Robert  Warren


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If this ""novel"" had been written in verse from it would have been easier to assess, for the press virtually the images come crystal clear, the concepts have the almost fragile imagery. As a novel one is somewhat at a loss, for the plot such there is lies in the search of Adam Rosenweig for ""what a man must know to be a man"". The fight for freedom that was his creed, inherited from the father who betrayed it on his that he might in his faith. The right to fight, despite his club despite the insistence of his uncle that as a Jew he must stand and wait, despite the pinned on Germans as fighters, because one company fled at And So Adam signed up, his deformity unnoticed, until the sea betrayed him to the officer in charge of recruits, as the shores of America seemed within He escaped in the turmoil in New York; he found a way to serve-as aid to a He learned through seeing , experiencing man's betrayal of himself and his fellows, finally through killing a man himself, on the battlefield. He knew he was ready then to walk out of the Wilderness. Here as only Robert Penn Warren could do it - is another of the Civil War.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1961
ISBN: 1104837226
Publisher: Random House