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Not for the weak of will"" -- are these recommendations from the close to forty years of experience as the chief of the cardiac clinic at New York's former Post Graduate hospital. Dr. Donaldson writes primarily of the six diseases which are precipitated by obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arteriosclerosis high blood pressure, osteoarthritis and gallstones, and for the most part in dealing with their prevention and cure he indicates a regimen which may encounter resistance (from the profession as well as the patient). He believes that there are only two perfect foods, fresh fat meat and clean water, and his nutritional findings follow that of Stefansson and Pennington which Herman Taller has most recently popularized in Don't Count (Simon & Schuster). Over and above the drastic diet he prescribes for the extremely overweight, there is valuable guidance on the vital foods, on hygienic as well as healthful cooking, techniques, exercises which help most aching backs, and a great deal about allergy in its various manifestations. Individual situations from Dr. Donaldson's casebook give this a personal interest and Dr. Donaldson writes with humor and a great deal of practical insight.

Publisher: Doubleday