ALIVE IN SPACE The Science of Bic-Astronautics by Robert Wells

ALIVE IN SPACE The Science of Bic-Astronautics

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The author of two other books on communications and air travel now makes available the bulk of information on the possibility of man's survival in space. Oscillating between the science of space and that of human reaction to it, he includes all the factors which will influence the success of the first American astronaut's flight. An examination of the space instruments and then of the atmosphere itself lead us to a close look at how the rocket vehicle works and the measures to be taken against such dangers as gravity's lift, human exposure to radiation, even the emergency of a shipwreck en route. The whole gamut of simulated space conditions on earth that test the astronaut's endurance on many levels and a look at his rigorous training conclude a tour of an exciting subject whose approach is highly scientific.

Pub Date: July 18th, 1961
Publisher: Little, Brown