FIVE YARD FULLER by Robert Wells


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The essence of Old Dogpatch rises from this saga of Clarence Fuller, the country boy who ambled out of the hills one day to trade his hog pen chores for pig-skin glory. He joined up with the Knights, the lowest rated pro football team. Clarence figured that football was a much easier way to make a living than plowing. After all, ""Seemed like all you had to do was take the ball and carry it across that line near two posts."" That's what he does and that's about the simple-minded level of that there humor. ""Five Yard"" becomes the Knights' irresistible force and Ma Fuller (spit and image of Mammy Yokum minus corncob) becomes their trainer. Two other Fuller sons, ""Feets"" and ""Fumbles"" are taken on in order to keep the little family together and the Knights are carried up to top rating on Fuller shoulders with the help of Ma's Fuller Cure for sore spots. As football foolishness goes, this is only shoe-cleat high to James Summers' Tiger Terwiliger and The Cardiff Giants.

Pub Date: Aug. 27th, 1964
Publisher: Putnam