THE FREEBOOTERS by Robert Wernick


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A novel of the war juxtaposes the Negro, Black, and his calm, deliberate view of the world around him, Dibby and his ability to create chaos, and the narrator with his keen observation, and provokes an atmosphere of harsh humor, of mad incident, of cruel truthfulness. The trio journeys from Africa, to Italy, through France to Paris following the fighting men in ""Task Force Sisyphus"", a mopping up of resistant enemies. They swallow Col. Jopling's political manoeuvers, they unroll a montage of women, violence and near violence, the brazen behavior of the liberators, the apathy of the liberated. There is a chance for Black's happiness when he wins a French fiancee, but that is wrecked when he is arrested and decides to stay on his side of the color line. There is the final pay-off, stage-managed with manic fury by Dibby, of Jopling. Episodic, anecdotal, this is doubtless rooted in reality and provides a sardonic running head for a post-war period.

Pub Date: March 14th, 1949
Publisher: Scribner