LADY LEFT by Robert Westbrook


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What begins as a very, very funny spin on actors and their Cause of the Month--in this instance, vacationing in Nicaragua to help the Sandinistas return to power--soon turns into a typical Westbrook trashy page-turner, with preposterous plot gimmicks, improbable sex scenes, and a cast of thousands. This time, though, Westbrook's sense of humor is the hook that keeps you reading. The convoluted plot centers on the attempts by Beverly Hills Homicide Chief Nicky Rachmaninoff (Nostalgia Kills, The Left-Handed Policeman) to find film star Katharine Hall's husband, Professor Corey Heard, who got lost in Nicaragua when he went off hunting Somoza's (rumored) buried treasure. Meanwhile, Nicky's romancing both his ex-wife and Katharine, her best friend; having conniptions about his daughter Tanya's taste in clothes, music, and boys; and fending off Octavio Morales, who thinks that buried treasure belongs to him (don't ask). Displaying a fine hand at slapstick, Westbrook's hybrid--part Hollywood satire/part madcap adventure novel--doesn't quite jell, but the good spirits here outweigh the flaws.

Pub Date: Jan. 31st, 1990
Publisher: Crown