STEPHEN CRANE: An Omnibus by Robert Wooster- Ed. Stallman


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After reading the provocative introductory and critical material contributed by the editor, I defy anyone to leave unread the carefully chosen selections from Stephen Crane's output. To many Red Radge of Courage is synonymous with Crane; here we have the best of his other prose writings (Bowery Tales, War Tales, including Red Radge), the superb Tale of the Sea Western Tales (in judicious assortment), some of his short stories (read The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky as a sample), a rather small number of his poems, and an intriguing lot of letters which give glimpses of the man, his moods, his loves and friendships, his pecuniary difficulties, his sensitivity. Some of the letters have never before been published, and the interpretations put upon them- and others read but not used- shows up a quite different Crane from some of his biographers. The critical commentary on the writings makes one wonder whether Crane is due for the sort of revival that James, Rawthorne and Melville have had.

Publisher: Knopf