NEVER MARRY A RANGER by Roberta McConnell


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Report repeated from page 683 of the 12/15/49 bulletin- as follows: ""The adaptation of a not altogether acquiescent woman to a ruddy life as a forest ranger's wife on top of an isolated mountain. There were the domestic difficulties of making a small and by no means weatherproof house fit for a family which included two small children; the sometimes anxious waits for Man, called out at night; the constant trouble with tics; etc. and the many activities in which a ranger (and his wife) were involved from animal husbandry to the preservation of fish and game, the pursuit of poachers, the fighting of fires. And at the close, with the first snowfall, there is the promise of a new post and an insulated house only four miles from civilization. If the hand here is not the lightest in the world, this is a readable record of a varied and vigorous career.

Publisher: Prentice-Hall