I HATE KISSES by Robie H. Harris


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All in one assertive move, little Peter announces that he's through with kisses and tired of Nellie, the old stuffed dinosaur now being edged out by a mechanical robot. Peter gives Nellie to his father--but at dinner time he asks his father, ""Where's Nellie? She always has dinner with us."" Peter engages in some further (literally) muscle-flexing behavior at the table; but that night when he hurts his knee on his sharp robot (too heavy, that touch), it's Nellie he sobs for--and he doesn't protest when his father kisses the knee. And though he still maintains he's ""all out of kisses,"" he does find a hug for each of his parents as they tuck him in. At least we can thank Harris for not showering us with reconsidered kisses at the end. And overall--what with the close-up hugs and huddles of Paterson's cozy contemporary family (bearded father, potted plants, and such)--this has a little more texture than others of its common type.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1981
Publisher: Knopf