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I LOVE MESSES! by Robie H. Harris


by Robie H. Harris & illustrated by Nicole Hollander

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 2005
ISBN: 0-316-10946-0
Publisher: Little, Brown

A curious preschooler explores her world and makes a mess. What began as a red circle accidentally drawn on the table escalates quickly to red dots drawn on skin and finger painting with strawberry yogurt. And for a finale? When the doorbell rings while a grumbling Daddy is searching for a less-messy snack, he leaves the door open to an irresistible temptation—the refrigerator. Eggs, milk, catsup and mustard are the paints, the floor is her canvas and her feet and the dog’s paws are the brushes. Daddy’s response is the epitome of understanding and forgiveness—in other words, inhuman. Parents will not empathize with him. Though he tells his daughter that someone has to clean up messes and she apologizes, nowhere does he explain that food should not be wasted, or give her an alternative outlet for exploring mushy, messy things. Hollander’s bright illustrations will capture interest, especially the messes—computer-added color means that the liquids are very convincing. Parents will appreciate the “What’s Going On” section, which explains the developmental stage their child is going through and how they can be supportive. The power of suggestion is strong—tread cautiously. (Picture book. 2-4)