PAWN OF TIME by Robin Carson


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Time travel- in reverse- takes eitman Urban of New York in the 1950's back to Venice of the Renaissance where his mock-heroic activities and romantic proclivities form a prodigal spectacular to which no restraint has been applied. He falls in love with young Lady Bianca, in a convent, learns that she is the daughter of Lucrezia Borgia, helps her to escape with him until he is taken prisoner. At large again, he accepts the task of bringing leabel Santangel from Spain. In return for her hand which will bring him great wealth if little attraction. Children do not tame him- neither does a double menage with Blanca whom he meets again, and he becomes the slave of his passion for a servant girl, so that his penance is the loss of his son... Heitman Urban- who as Don Jaiman- is never out of joint with this time is still quite a tireless man to keep up with, and the prose is as profligate as the pursuit.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1957
Publisher: Holt