WINTER'S TALES: New Series II by Robin--Ed. Baird-Smith


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Another very satisfying import from England: stories chosen not as the ""best"" of their publication year or as being especially representative of this or that literary fashion--but simply to stand as a sampler of interesting short-fictional voices (and the fact that the stories are, in general, shortish helps markedly). Best here are Muriel Spark's humorously surreal ""The Dragon""; Philip Oakes' haunting ""You're In My Story""; and a very beautifully styled tale by Desmond Hogan about a troop of itinerant Irish actors, ""Players"" (Hogan's finest work in some time). There is a short bagatelle by Borges, one by Michel Tournier--and nice work by Rose Tremain and Ralph Goldswaim (about, respectively, an ex-deaf man who, in grateful homage, records ambient sounds for film documentaries as a living; and a South African youngster becoming a guerrilla). There is some inert work, too--but that's one of the charms here: a lack of high. gloss relentlessness, which continues to make this revived series welcome indeed, better than any such (and usually more self-conscious) roundup on this side of the ocean.

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 1987
Publisher: St. Martin's