SO MUCH CAN HAPPEN by Robin Gottlieb


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... but so little actually does, when attractive, smiling Laura Wells, full of high-flung, lacy ideas and girlish dreams (which all come too, too blissfully true) arrives at Darby College. She settles into college life (which is all so much fun, and the dorm life is just swell...) quickly, joins the drama club; gets a part in the play; meets a charming young man (whose name--Jason--is the only unique element in the book). The only thorns in Laura's roses are her fat, pessimistic roommate, and a ruthless, hard-headed fellow-actress. Laura, however, matures gracefully, and in the end, keeps the love of Jason and the friendship of Boo Hoo (the sad roommate). The author of That Summer in Paris. (1961, p. 167, J-95) again demonstrates an utter lack of familiarity with the situation which she presents. Unreal individuals, pt solutions, trite situations all characterize this extremely audible sigh.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1963
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls