THAT SUMMER IN PARIS by Robin Gottlieb


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What more exciting way to spend that summer between high school and college than in Paris, living with the Bouviers, attending classes at the French Center, sightseeing, and tutoring Jacques, a handsome young Frenchman, in English. For Amy Benton, this experience was totally rewarding as gradually obstacles blocking fulfillment disintegrate. First, Nicole assumes Amy's dreaded responsibility of reporting on fashion shows for Mrs. Benton's magazine. Then, Nicole, recognizing the hopelessness of her feelings for Jacques, gives him up to Amy with no hard feelings. Having found in herself the ability to form a satisfying relationship with a man and having discovered her talent for teaching, Amy returns home confident in winning her mother's support. She does so, and receives a bonus in her mother's promise to help Nicole, a talented fashion writer. Pat solutions and unreal handling of reactions replace authenticity throughout, but the Cloud 9 atmosphere will appeal to girls filling moments of escape with ""Hollywoodiana"".

Pub Date: April 21st, 1961
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls