THE LAST RUN SOUTH by Robin Hiscock


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The rather disconnected story of a sailor named Collins and a run to some Central American country on a cargo ship consists of four main incidents; his fight with the Mate who rides him which ends with Collins' sacking on their return to the home port; his finding of a prostitute with whom he falls in love; the beating and imprisonment of the ship's mensboy due to Collins' carelessness; and a last episode of considerable excitement when Collins and a friend steal some money to right all of the other wrongs. Until the final episode with its ironic ending, there is no pull whatever to the book, and very little interest. Collins is not a man one cares much about- and without a concern for him, there is little to keep you reading. Mr. cock writes adventure well as proved by the theft scenes, but doesn't do much with character or motivation.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1958
Publisher: Knopf