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Publisher-turned-superagent Simon Quarry (The Fourth Angel, Quarry's Contract) wages war with ultrapowerful drug thugs in assorted and popular vacation spots. Not to be confused with literary ten-percenters, wealthy actionman Simon Quarry, who wants nothing more than an early and peaceful retirement, is constantly called into action to serve as reluctant lethal agent for governments and billionaires with special problems. As he and his gorgeous Italian physician girlfriend are recovering from their most recent shootout in the comfort of Quarry's Majorcan fortress-estate, the call comes again. The cocaine-flogging Colombian Cartel has targeted the United Kingdom for a major sales breakthrough using one of the old Caribbean colonies as a distribution center. The Cartel has already hired on one of the Queen's top policemen to keep the constabulary at bay. Her Majesty's Government would, however, prefer that the Colombians keep to their own hemisphere. To stem the invasion, they have engaged ruthlessly antidrug international billionaire Klaus Kleiner, who teams up with Quarry and John Catton of Scotland Yard. Kleiner's jets and political independence permit the team to operate untrammeled by tiresome legal restraints. Quarry enlists the services of an amusing safecracker and his jolly wife and goes to war. The Colombians are no pushovers. Bullets fly, buildings explode, and blood spurts on the Costa del Sol, Majorca, and Cay Dorado. Fast-paced but unsurprising formula thriller that reads very much like a fast-paced, unsurprising James Bond.

Pub Date: July 18th, 1990
Publisher: Morrow