THE FOURTH ANGEL by Robin Hunter


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Absorbing, sensibly plotted thriller about a middle-aging British publisher who turns into the Angel of Death after his family is murdered by terrorists. First published in England, this novel anticipated the 1985 massacre at the airport in Athens. Simon Quarry, the publisher, can get no satisfaction from Her Majesty's Government nor from anyone else when his wife and two daughters (among a handful of British victims) are murdered by Libyan terrorists in an Israeli jet at Athens airport along with nearly 300 other passengers. After the mass murder, the two terrorists give themselves up. But since none of the passengers were Greek, the Greek government rules the attack an event in the Arab-Israeli war and thus releases the terrorists to Beirut. Quarry's letters to the press are never printed; his demon. stration outside the Houses of Parliament gets him arrested; and the photographer who took a picture of Quarry's daughter burning alive on the plane's wing while his wife was riddled in the chest with bullets wins the Photographer of the Year award. While abroad, Quarry learns that the Green Jihad terrorists publicly claiming responsibility for the bloodletting have an office right in the middle of London. In a fit of rage at the Athens airport, he shoots the Chief Security Officer, the man responsible for the Arabs getting through the gate to the jetliner, and escapes unnoticed. But this satisfying act has sucked him into a parachute jump to God knows where. While being pursued in marriage by a beautiful American literary agent, he buys a short-barreled killer shotgun in Paris, then single-handedly wipes out the Jihad office in London in one bloodletting. Again, this is only the beginning, and new objects of vengeance arise. At last, however, the Jihad come after him. A smooth, intelligent job, despite the pile of carnage by story's end.

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 1986
Publisher: Arbor House