THE BEARS' ABC BOOK by Robin & Jocelyn Wild


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This cumbersome ABC from England is arbitrarily strung together by the aimless antics of three bears rummaging about in a dump. ""First of all they found an axe, but 'you mustn't play with sharp things,' said Snuff. So they poked about again and pulled out a bicycle."" Snuff falls off so they get in a car--and so the capricious trio switches to a deck chair, and on, fitfully, through the alphabet. Nothing suits for long--they can't touch the hatching eggs, the football makes them tired, guns go bang--but the dump continues to accommodate, producing a working television on cue and at last a fire extinguisher, a yo-yo, and a large stuffed zebra they all mount. Finally Mother Bear arrives to fetch her young ones home ("". . .and there was honeycomb for tea""). We wouldn't bother.

Pub Date: March 10th, 1978
Publisher: Lippincott