DOVE by Robin Lee Graham


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On July 27, 1965 Robin Graham, 16 years-old, began circumnavigating the globe in a 24-foot fiberglass Lapworth sloop purchased by his father. Five years later he sailed into Long Beach to greet the press and his pregnant wife, Patti, who had followed on land and sea. This is young Graham's report of storms and calms afloat, which include spirited passages about the meeting, love affair, and marriage with Patti, whom he discovered in the Fiji Islands. Patti was also on the lam from suburbia, rat races, etc. The two caper in pristine island paradises, explore and camp out en route -- South Pacific, Australia, Indian Ocean, Cape of Good Hope, the Caribbean, South America, the Canal and on up. Robin's seagoing enthusiasm wanes in inverse ratio to the accelerating volume of mating calls. In fact toward the close of the voyage, Robin was saying, ""I hate that bloody boat. . . ."" But his father, prospects of National Geographic royalties, and Patti urge him on. Robin and Patti, in spite of their wanderings, are stoutly square-rigged -- strong on the family unit, religion, and firm in their put-down of not only urban life but ""leftist"" university students -- which may enhance the interest in this account for parents well-heeled enough to put the kids to sea. With 50 pages of full color photographs, and Book-of-the-Month Club alternate selection, this may have a wider appeal than indicated above.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1972
ISBN: 0060920475
Publisher: Harper & Row