STAYING YOUNG: A Total Program for Health and Vigor by

STAYING YOUNG: A Total Program for Health and Vigor

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Dr. Popov has spent 30 of his 40 years in medical practice (trained in Europe, not licensed in America) working on keeping young; most of his book is sufficiently familiar to be banal -- the dehumanization of modern medicine, overweight and its liabilities; stress -- the leading killer, promoted by ""industrial civilization."" Safe and sound; more dubious is his sponsorship of the programs of say Carlton Fredericks, or the cell therapy of Dr. Niehans, or his own recommendation to eat a great many fertilized raw eggs. He also is big on the therapeutic virtues of plants from the cabbage leaf to kelp although he doesn't write as entertainingly about their curative/cosmetic values as did Maurice Messegue, nor, when it comes to the more arcane health gurus, as Patrick McGrady did in The Youth Doctors -- not bonafide scientific either. He also has high hopes for psychic medicine. No one can fault him for closed-mindedness even if this readership is too innocent to question anything.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1975
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap