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There's less footage here of lords-aleaping into the beds of trembling lasses, but this latest romance, concerning a 15th-century heroine awash in dilemmas, has the cheerful bounce and velocity of Carr's many others. Anne, daughter of Lord Ferris Gifford and horrid Marcella, learns the full force of the feud between the Giffords and the neighboring La Fraynes when she falls in love--and into the sack--with handsome young Dylan La Frayne. Their tryst is discovered by mother Marcella, who blackmails the daughter she despises (for peculiar reasons) to later nasty effect. Because of the warring families (and warring Yorks and Lancasters), Dylan and Anne part, and Anne must marry Lord Brennan Forbes--avuncular and rather a dear, considering that Anne cannot muster up heavy breathing during lovemaking. Lord Forbes even thinks Dylan-sired baby Sloan is his own (or does he?). So Dylan's gone and someone else has got him, but then he magically arrives at the Forbes' estate during a siege and sires another child. Poor Brennan is killed in war, and there's a gross knight as Anne's second husband (Anne's move to save Brennan's estate for the children). Of course, it all ends happily, with fortuitous demises and alliances (the bad guys all gravitate to greedy, murderous Richard III), and the reunion of all the good fellas. As always, Cart keeps a firm hand on the tiller in the popular slosh of period romance.

Pub Date: July 2nd, 1987
Publisher: Little, Brown