IT'S NOT FAIR! by Robyn Supraner


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Other older siblings will identify instantly with Andrew's sister, who must put up with a wrecked room, pinches and bites, sloppy eating, and worst of all parental scoldings for hitting back or for doing just the sort of thing Andrew is petted for. And the fact that Supraner's grievance-list simply goes on and on just strengthens her case--and the conviction that ""sometimes I can't do anything fight."" As usual, though, the closing comfort--Andrew really gets mad ""when I go out for a special day with my mother and father and he has to stay home with the baby sitter""--is far weaker than the real resentment that she's evoked (and that Enos' strident cartoons have worked up); the letdown could leave kids feeling stung again.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1976
Publisher: Warne