MAIDEN VOYAGES by Rochelle Girson


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Rochelle Girson leaves no doubt in a reader's mind that she has been around; if she has not zeroed in on Timbuctoo, it is merely because her schedule was too full of other fascinating ports of call. Her book is a bit fuller of the spirit of adventure and her own personal experiences than some of the recent guides; more to be read as an aperitif to travel than as an A to Z itinerary. She interlards tales of travel both East and Middle East as well as West with the more customary advice (and it is good advice): plan your trip four to six months in advance, take plenty of money and not too many clothes, etc. She weighs the merits of passenger ship versus freighter and vice versa, reminds one of the ""in Rome"" behavioral doctrine (otherwise known as being aware of the customs of the country), and that one is representing America (and how to cope with anti-Americanism). She also discusses how to meet and de-meet people, how to communicate, how to get about in situ, shopping or snap-shotting for memories. Altogether, she covers a lot of territory, and her book will appeal to the more independent do-it-alone female traveler.

Pub Date: April 19th, 1967
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World