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HIT REPLY by Rocki St. Claire


by Rocki St. Claire

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 2004
ISBN: 0-7434-8624-2
Publisher: Downtown Press/Pocket

Hey! A novel told in e-mails! Are there a few people left in Upstate Mongolia or the Greater Timbuktu Area who haven’t read a book in this tired format?

St. Clair gives it another go and asks a not-exactly-burning question: Is on-line adultery the same as the real thing? The answer is an amalgam of uninspired instant messages in lower-case and a lot of dated girltalk. (Note to author: venerable rocker Tom Petty was hot stuff a very long time ago and “let’s blow this popsicle stand” is not a cool way to say good-bye.) Amber Fleece, a 28-year-old single marketing director who yearns for true love and a real life, instead chats on-line endlessly. Sometimes she indulges in cybersex with a man she doesn’t know and has never seen, and sometimes she just yaks with her girlfriends, glass of merlot in hand. Married mommy Stephanie Hilliard is flirting with disaster by e-mailing Tom Markoff, creative director at Millennia Marketing, where she used to work. Brave lost soul Julie Desmond reinvents her life at the age of 45—over the objections of her whiny son. A touch of gravitas is added when Amber must undergo chemo for Hodgkin’s disease. Will her on-line lover show up? Yes, and he’s a gorgeously scruffy hunk with just the right amount of stubble and cornflower-blue eyes. O death, where is thy sting? From an author of lightweight romantic suspense for Pocket Books and category romance for Silhouette, who confides in the Reader’s Guide that her “grown-up real name” is Roxanne St. Clair.

Labored, difficult to follow, and just plain juvenile.