SALAMINA by Rockwell Kent
Kirkus Star


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We should feel no hesitation in prophesying that Rockwell Kent's delightful book about Greenland will rank close to the top in holiday gift sales, which augurs well for its total sales over a two months' period before Christmas. This expectation is justified on several counts. Artistically, it is one of the most beautiful books of the season, not only because of the exquisite illustrations by the author-artist, but because of the perfect setting of type page and layout given them by the publisher. the text measures up to the lure of the pictures -- and the reader is one with the adventurous biographer in falling prey to the charm of simplicity of life, to the grandeur of the beauty of the country, to the friendliness and naivete of its people. Its moral, says Rockwell Kent lies in the proof that ""people don't need gadgets to be happy."" There is humor and understanding and imagination in the telling of the story of his two years' escape from civilization. And there's a deepening appreciation of the social implications which give one a new perspective on relative values. A book to own -- so sell two to every purchaser, one for himself, and one for a friend.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1935
ISBN: 0819566772
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace