RIVER PATROL by Roderic Jeffries


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Wanted: a really big case to prove to the Assistant Chief Constable that the Parran River Patrol is worth what it costs. Unbeknownst to Delta Delta 14 commander Jim Westbury, whose father founded the force, an impregnable armored truck is about to be ambushed and emptied--of the priceless Nara Buddha as well as 50,000 pounds. Which turns a national scandal into an international incident. Jim has a hunch that old Alf Madden ferried the felons, and so it proves. . . but why, if Jim was patrolling properly, didn't he spot Madden's boat on the river? It's touch and go for Jim and for Detective Inspector Burroughs too: was charlie Wheeler clever enough to pull the job? if he was murdered, why was money linking him to the crime left on him? why are the fingerprints of his accomplices very evident but one glass wiped clean? The D.I. solves his dilemma, Jim closes the case and Mr. Jeffries demonstrates he's as accomplished a sailor as a sleuth. Not the life-and-death urgency of Against Time but again the capsule characterizations, the sharp-edged scenes, the dry dialogue that's made each of these a mature miniature.

Pub Date: Nov. 19th, 1969
Publisher: Harper & Row