POLICE DOG by Roderic Jeffries
Kirkus Star


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A sic-em up special. It combines the appeal of the intelligent dog story and the allure of crime fiction. There are very few (count them on your thumbs) mysteries around for the juvenile audience that concentrate on the police method form as this does. (Try the author's Against Time, 1963, p. 866-J-280). It is this approach that is the current reading/viewing favorite of adult detection fans. Caesar, a police Alsation handled by and sharing the household of Constable Barry Trent, actively engages reader sympathy right from the start. The dog is wrongfully accused of sheep killing. Caesar, like his namesake's wife, must be above suspicion and, on circumstantial evidence, the force places the dog on suspension under the threat of possible execution despite Caesar's superb record of crimes solved and prevented. Belief in his dog and the determination to clear Caesar's name nearly wrecks his handler's career. There are fine scenes of police dogs in training, an excellent view of police discipline and a gripping story of bank robbery behind it all. English and jolly good.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1965
Publisher: Harper & Row