TIMBER A Novel of Pacific Coast Loggers by Roderick . Hig Brown
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TIMBER A Novel of Pacific Coast Loggers

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I liked this immensely; though I think it is primarily a man's book, I was not particularly thered by the technical details about lumbering, and the psychology of the first groupings towards organization were so well-handled, that woman readers as well as men will find it absorbing. Against an all-pervading awareness of the nature background, the tug of the wilds for the men of the woods, is told an intensely human story of love and friendship, of labor and management, of idealism and gropings towards expression and understanding of man's place in the scheme of life. Sometimes, the central characters seem a little too high-minded -- but on the whole the story rings true. They act (even if they don't always talk) like real men (and women). The same deep understanding of the ""call of the wild"" permeates this that characterized Return to the River.

Pub Date: Feb. 20th, 1942
Publisher: Morrow