RETURN TO THE RIVER: A Story of the Chinook Run by Roderick L. Haig-Brown
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RETURN TO THE RIVER: A Story of the Chinook Run

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On first glance this might seem to be a book destined either for sportsmen (fisherman primarily) or for naturalists. But here am I, no fisherman, no naturalist, frequently blank as to significance of words and phrases of scientific import, but nonetheless fascinated from first page to last with this thinly fictionized story of a salmon's span of life. Years ago, Salar The Salmon by Thames Williamson rolled up a sale that astounded the publishers. This should have a similar appeal. Beautifully written, one is made to feel part of the natural setting, one follows-- down the Columbia and out to sea the slender thread by which the salmon survives, the natural enemies at each phase of life. One senses the enteral drama in nature itself. I've tried the book out on a Nova Scotia fisherman, not a reader, and he is enchanted with it. So Here's a book for a collector of sporting books, in an illustrated limited edition at $10.00 to be published September 15.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1941
Publisher: Morrow