CALL TO BATTLE by Roderick Lull


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An imaginative projection of attack by the Japs on the Northwest coast, and a convincing study of the psychological conditioning of the men of the civilian defense units to a state of active war against a tangible enemy. I've not seen this done before, this study of fear, of uncertainty, of sudden action and its aftermath, of tension and of achieving the detachment colored by hate. This to me was the story, rather than the pattern of incident, the conflict between a fourflusher, McBride, and Jeff Burton, both in love with the same girl. The adventure is almost baldly told, the shooting down of the reconnaissance plane, the attack on the dam, the tracking down of the firebug, the defense against the parachute troops. The story is set in a section of Oregon near the coast.

Pub Date: Jan. 8th, 1942
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran