SLAVES by Roderick Thorp


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Like other 24-year-olds, George is interested in women and the ""deeper meaning"" of life, somewhat complicated by the fact that he has only one leg (he lost it at eight in an accident which made him and his family insurance rich). After college, he dumps his chick to travel around Europe, meeting up with Benson, a middle-aged computer-oil dude not so impressive as he first appears (if there's an 18-year-old American girl who can't do the specialty of the call girl Benson sends George) who takes George to Beirut where George buys two female slaves whom he later murders (they wouldn't relate to him). Written in the form of a journal (therapy suggested by George's naturally idiotic shrink), the past conveniently sloshes around with the present (George's affair with a 40-plus year-old waitress) in a prose style so clear and sane and without metaphorical embellishment that it almost blinds one to the incredible silliness of the plot.

Pub Date: March 22nd, 1972
Publisher: Evans